Chickens need to eat grass and bugs. We rotate our chickens to fresh, new pastures every day. They are never wing clipped or de-beaked. Since chickens are omnivores with strong appetites, our poultry are grain supplemented (a balanced feed mix from Circle G Ranch Supply on Market Street). They are never given any vaccinations, anti-biotics or growth hormone supplements or feeds and no chemical wormers or de-licers.

The pasture rotation helps to improve soils. This, in turn, produces highly nutritious forages which feed the birds. This chicken is unsurpassed in flavor.

We process our chickens on the farm. This lowers stress on the birds and allows us to process birds that we know are healthy. We do not use saline injections, so the weight of the bird doesn’t include extra water weight, salts, sugars or chemicals.

Our chickens are packaged whole for $3.50/lb. Order here.