Here’s a throwback to last year’s market. See you each Thursday 4-6PM
After 35 days in a smoke cure, we have some beautiful bacon, hams and jowl back […]
We are quite proud of our latest pork chops. These come from a rare breed called […]
As the weather gets colder, warm your family up with a roasted leg of lamb! We […]
It’s hard work but somebody’s gotta do it! Note the boots are both functional and fashionable.
We spent part of this week processing the last of our pastured chickens for the year. […]
Noreen Hyslop came by the house a few nights ago to see what we’ve been up […]
The Daily Statesman. . . putting in a good word on the farmers market.
It’s officially too hot for radishes and lettuces, so we removed the excess to feed pigs […]
Mid-morning we caught our first glimpse of the newest ram lamb. He’s only a few hours […]